4 High Paying Work From Home Jobs No Experience Needed (2021)

In this video I will go over 4 High Paying Work From Home Jobs No Experience Needed (2021) All my recommendations …


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  1. All you highschoolers and college kids — learn financial literacy. It will serve you well through the years. This is the most important class of life that schools don't teach you. I say start with Rich Dad and Poor Dad

  2. I worked for REV transcription before. It is GRUELING! There are many rules with grammer and formatting, which there should be. But in order to get to a speed where you are actually making money – it just isn't worth it unless you have a lot of time on your hands. You could do 2 minutes of transcribing and it will take about 5 hours – if you're dedicated. People who have worked there the longest with the best track record get to choose from a list of jobs – clear, easy to understand audio. And the newbies are left to fend over undesireable audio: with someone with a thick accent in the jungle who is running with a lav mic. πŸ™‚ Good luck! I had fun because accents are a challenge and I have a good ear, but in the end, it was more like transcribing for free. I did it for about a month and made about $30.

  3. Amazon flex is not a good option anymore with inflated prices all around. Less ppl ordering and amazon has not increased the pay so a good amount of times you are actually losing money due to gas prices

  4. Hey job searchers! I also need a work from home job asap. Good luck to us both! I have call center experience. Ran my own business from home in the past. Sales calls inbound/outbound warm/cold etc.
    Sold that business due to a back injury. Some of the work was physical despite having 11 employees to help (Window Cleaners). Office Suite and Linux trained (including re-learning Ubuntu bash shell commands). I have a good PC & internet connection. I even have professional microphone & headphones for music/work which would be perfect for at home call center work setup!

  5. I can code in c++ and python, and I understand partial differential equations and machine learning models. I have experience building and training keras neural networks, both simple fully connected feed forward networks and bayesian networks with dense variational layers… however I don't have a college degree nor employment experience in programming. I have 2 PC's and 7 monitors set up in my office at home. I am capable of a lot, but idk where to start getting what I'm worth.

  6. Thank you so much, this was fantastic, I am so desperate for an online job or a business work from home, I am originally Turkish but have been living in England for 35 years. I worked as a self-employed beauty therapist almost for 30 years but I don't want to do it anymore. I will be 57 this year. I have no online experience only the basics like everybody else has. Really looking for something that I can do from home, I can start straight away and earn money which I need so badly at the moment. Many thanks in advance

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