5 OBS Plugins to Make Amazing & Unique Streams!

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Today we’re looking at 5 awesome OBS Studio plugins that will help improve the production value of your streams!

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– Tuna: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/tuna.843/
– Background Removal: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/background-removal-portrait-segmentation.1260/
– Time Warp Scan: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/time-warp-scan.1167/
– Face Tracker: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/face-tracker.1294/
– Pixel Match Switcher: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/pixel-match-switcher.1202/

OBS-Filter-Hotkeys Script: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-filter-hotkeys.1125
Spectralizer (Audio Visualizer) Plugin: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/spectralizer.861/

HOW TO INSTALL OBS PLUGINS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YresxwKjBMM

00:00 Intro
00:46 Now Playing
02:43 Background Removal
03:33 Time Warp
04:36 OBS Filter Hotkeys
04:47 Face Tracker
05:48 Pixel Match Switching
08:24 Conclusion

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  1. Every one talks about settings but no talks about pcs minimum requirements to run obs comfortably, because i have a dell 7373 core 7 2in1 laptop and no matter what settings i do , it doesn’t work. It still lags and chops, so is there a video where it could show us the minimum requirement for a desktop or laptop to run obs with a camera smoothly without any hiccups?

  2. Why do i feel like he's kinda like alpha gaming was back in the day i mean he's hot a album for streamers and he calls himself stream professor remind you of anything?

  3. i need help on obs. so my problem is that i hit record on obs and after a while i stop the 1st recording, but after that i can't start the recording again on obs even if i use the hotkey or the "record" button. how do i fix this?

  4. I use Snap Camera for both the time warp and face tracking. Time Warp filters don't give you that many options, but I don't find myself really needing more than what it does, and I use the Smushed Face filter, which is more for laughs since it's low quality and zooms in way too much on your face.

  5. Total newbie on OBS here, & need to learn how to use it for live-streaming in a few weeks. Have an Elgato Stream Deck that I want to create some short cuts & effects to use with OBS. Your channel is going to be a HUGE help! 👍

  6. obs-face-tracker-0.2.0-Windows-Installer.exe Failed – Virus detected
    Windows defender
    Threat detected: Trojan:Win32/Spursint.Q!cl
    Alert level: Severe

    No idea if it's a false positive. Can't be bothered finding out so I deleted it.

  7. So the face tracking plug in, i tried it. It had a wierd issue where it froze every couple of seconds,.. Didn't think much of it… until it started making me drop frames,,, and in the end crashed OBS .. i guess it had some bugs still 😀

  8. I'm guessing that Pixel Match Switching doesn't work if the window is sized differently or something?

    I wonder if it's then possible to at least whitelist applications instead of blacklisting it, where you can blur the whole screen or change scenes if it's not your game. Because otherwise if someone slides a window to a different part of their screen, this effect is kinda useless I think.

    Also for some reason I was assuming the need for a different OBS build would be because it needs to see what application has focus on Windows. I feel like this sort of thing could be more accurate, where you can whitelist applications explicitly via name and then do things based on if it's focused or not. For dual PC, you could probably run another application or something and send it over the network with websockets, but idk. Certainly interesting.

    At the very least, you have piqued my interest to browse the OBS plugins, which I haven't really done before, lol.

  9. Hey just an fyi, Tuna is basically broken completely on M1 Mac and the developer when pressed on how to uninstall it was like "huh too bad I provided a plug in with no support and have no idea how to help you" Haven't tried it on original mac but the support is garbage. I get that he says Mac is unsupported but like, don't put out a build if you don't have a clue.

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