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We’ve covered dozens of OBS Studio plugins on this channel, but what we haven’t covered are OBS Studio Scripts! Just like plugins, these also extend the functionality of OBS and can add new features to make streaming much more fun.

Also, pee is stored in the balls.

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00:00 Intro
01:42 OBS Autostarter
03:24 Whiteboard Source
05:24 Zoom And Follow
07:54 Source Search Helper
09:36 Media Hide
11:17 Outro


► OBS Autostarter https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-autostarter.1265/
► Whiteboard Source https://github.com/exeldro/obs-whiteboard-lua/tags
► Follow Zoom https://github.com/tryptech/obs-zoom-and-follow
► Source Search Helper https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/source-search-helper.1380/
► Media Hide https://github.com/exeldro/obs-lua/blob/master/media-hide.lua

► Portal Python https://github.com/Mushiiies/OBS-PYTHON


► Camera https://kit.co/nutty/nutty-s-camera-specs
► Microphone https://kit.co/nutty/nutty-s-audio-gear
► Lights https://kit.co/nutty/nutty-s-lighting-setup
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  1. For the zoom on mouse, when I activate it, it zooms in on the top left corner of the screen but it doesnt follow my mouse even with the settings that you used in the video. Anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

  2. For zoom and follow, I can certainly get it to zoom into the top left of my screen, but following my mouse is out of the question xD Same settings and keybinds as in this vid too. Any tips?

  3. Hello! I have trouble with the portable python install…

    Here what the error message gives me!

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] Traceback (most recent call last):

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] File "D:OBSOBS Portable v1OBS-Studio-27.2.4-Full-x64OBS.PYTHONOBS PYTHONzoom_and_follow_mouse.py", line 371, in toggle_zoom

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] zoom.update_source_size()

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] File "D:OBSOBS Portable v1OBS-Studio-27.2.4-Full-x64OBS.PYTHONOBS PYTHONzoom_and_follow_mouse.py", line 66, in update_source_size

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] data = loads(data)['monitor']

    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] KeyError: 'monitor'

  4. Follow and zoom works fine. Only prob is now my mouse in no longer visible. I have the capture cursor option ON. When unchecked and checked again the mouse only shows for a split second then disappears again. Plz help

  5. Of course, I can't get media hide to work. I am adding the scene to media hide script. I hit the KB shortcut or just the source itself to run the media but they dont turn off when complete. Edit: I figured it out. You must use the actual media name. I had them in folders and you can't use the folder name. I'll just need to set my KB shortcuts on each media file to get this to work.

  6. Any advice on troubleshooting the zoom in tool?

    Did as shown in the video and when i use the hot key for Enable Zoom and it just shows a small window of the my display. and does not track my mouse.

  7. ok, so if you have a video on it already I'm sorry…but you do the fire how?

    I'd love to learn and apply something different to it.


    and thanks for this video – very cool!

  8. Haha for some reason the zoom works but it only tracks my mouse from a different monitor which means my main screen gets zoomed then I use my mouse on the second monitor to move the "zoom" around the first monitor. Anyone have a fix for this?

  9. Hey Nutty, that Hide Media Script looks nice. Whats the benefit in regards of performance maybe compared to have a Nested Scene with all Media Files in there that you activate with touchportal ? Close File when inactive should ofc be activated. But just having the EYE Symbol always enabled in that nested scene scenario, compared to the Hide Media off, does it make a difference in your opinion ?
    Thanks for the answer if you have any spare time and yeah Baby, as usual, very awesome content and funny 😉 Have a nice day.
    Best regards from Germany

  10. Thanks a bunch for these scripts!
    An important NOTE about the zoom and follow script: be sure to Transform and stretch to screen (or manually insert the size) of how much you want the source to be, otherwise the zoom in will crop it and the result disappointing.

  11. Zoom and follow will be a huge help for my linux tutorials and another project I am looking at starting. Whiteboard may be a solid option too.

    I may use autostart, but not sure I'll need that one at least currently.

    Also, I would discourage downloading python from a non-original source. To be fair though, it is an annoyance to manage on Windows compared to mac/linux.

  12. For zoom and follow, I can certainly get it to zoom into the top left of my screen, but following my mouse is out of the question xD Same settings and keybinds as in this vid too. Any tips?

  13. Awesome vid w/ super helpful info.

    Definitely softens the blow of switching from SLOBS.

    (Speaking of, MediaHide was my favorite)♥

    PS: For the Transition Table, I had to copy/paste the contents of each folder (including the ENTIRE Locale folder) into their ProgramFiles counterparts, as it did not work when installed to ProgramFile(x86) as the default. Maybe this helps anyone else having this issue. 🙂

  14. Nice!! Always great value!!! But I can never get my talking head video to where my lips match the words. It’s a 2016 laptop and I try with my cell phone as camera or integrated webcam. But the video and voice never match.

    Do you have a good video that could help me with that?

  15. Tried everything to get zoom and follow working but no luck. Even using the Follow hotkey it never pans all i can get it to do is zoom in and out and even then the settings are not intuitive.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial!

    I personally use the whiteboard for a classroom meme that I combine with the virtual greenscreen plugin you showed here too. Do you by chance know whether the virtual greenscreen takes away GPU resources when the scene is inactive?

  17. I love the mouse track, but im having this issue:
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] {}
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] Traceback (most recent call last):
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] File "C:Users(private)DocumentsOBSSCRIPTSANDPYTHONOBS-PYTHON-mainOBS PYTHONzoom_and_follow_mouse.py", line 371, in toggle_zoom
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] zoom.update_source_size()
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] File "C:Users(private)DocumentsOBSSCRIPTSANDPYTHONOBS-PYTHON-mainOBS PYTHONzoom_and_follow_mouse.py", line 66, in update_source_size
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] data = loads(data)['monitor']
    [zoom_and_follow_mouse.py] KeyError: 'monitor'

    any ideas on how to fix it?

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