How To Find A Job Fast (In A Week or Less)

If you are currently unemployed and looking for a job then you will want to watch this video! In it I discuss 3 job search tips that will …


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  1. A friend pushed me to get a job at a Cafe years ago so we could work together. She told me they were hiring and to go in and ask for the manager by name & to ask him for a job. He turned me down.
    Each week my friend told me they were hiring & to come back and ask for the manager. (My friend lied, she just wanted me to work with her). So the third time I went in and asked the manager if he was hiring, he told me he wasn't hiring, but he could tell I really wanted a job so he gave me a job.
    So yeah, be persistent.

  2. what job did you do online that paid that much????????????? i have scoliosis so I cant really go out to any where I'm so close to giving up I really don't care any more no one will hire me

  3. If you want a job call up several employment agencies until they call you back with a job.

    Resumes, job boards, walking into a company and asking if they are hiring, etc, these never work.

  4. I really need a job to pay for my college applications. It’s so hard especially when becoming a new college student. But every place rejects me and it’s so frustrating

  5. Great video, I will try this out Timothy 👍❤️ I don't spend any money, and have already saved quite a bit, but haven't done hardly anything consistent in a year. I should be able to save money over time to invest even at a low-paying job full-time job, thank you.

  6. I had an old lady destroy my vehicle because she obviously don't know how to drive.
    I was in between jobs when this happened and now it's like impossible to find a job.
    It seems like every job employer looks at me like I'm irresponsible and unreliable when they see me walk up instead of pull up in a vehicle to the interview. It's been since last July and I've filled out over 300 applications and haven't got one job since. The last temp agency seemed pretty worried that I didn't have a vehicle. So idk what I'm going to do, I keep trying to tell these people I can't fix my car unless I have a job to make money.
    But this lady said "well if you somehow fix your car let me know" how am I going to fix my car ? I guess I'll just pull the money right out of my asshole.

  7. Firm Money, although you are sharing good information, your viewers should NOT over look starting your own business. In fact, starting a business is far less stressful, and the payoff can far exceed a 9-to-5 job. All I am saying is, don't overlook starting your own business. Pound for pound, the benefits of self employment far out weigh a job.

  8. Thank you!!! I didn’t think to go to temp agencies. I’ve been in this position twice before and I really can’t go months unemployed again. I’m going to go to the temp agencies I found right now with my resume.

  9. I looked online to where places were hiring, instead of filling out the applications. I just walked in and asked for the manager "to discuss" that I tried to fill out the application online but I was given a Error 404 code. So I came here to further "finish the application" even though I never filled one out lol. So guess who go a quick interview and starting next week. You guys should try this lol, just be prepared and do research about the position before you talk to the manager.

  10. The best job hunting tip is to be fully knowledgeable about the field you want to work in. It might sound absurd especially if you don't have experience but that's reality, unfortunately. However, if you're an engineer and aspire to work in a solar power plant then check us out 🙂 @

  11. Someone keeps chiming in on my device and sometimes they are speaking through the microphone. If anyone knows who it is that has all day of doing nothing at all, please ask them to find a job. This chiming goes on 24/7. I want this person to feel what It is like to have a boss yelling at them, getting fired, worrying about getting fired, getting up every morning. I'm not interested in a lazy person who has never had a job.

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