How to Start Streaming in 30 Minutes!

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Thank you ASUS!
02:46 What we’ll cover
03:39 OBS scenes and sources
06:22 OBS audio setup
08:50 Assets and overlays
10:43 StreamElements overlay setup
13:32 Overlay breakdown
14:06 Streamlabs widgets
16:01 Custom widgets
17:18 Chat bots, StreamElements first
18:45 My Nightbot commands
20:03 Twitch “About” panels
21:11 Stream schedule graphics
22:44 Discord schedule & localized timestamps
24:37 Getting organized on Notion
26:18 Conclusion

BGM by LukRemBo: Affogato, Home, Bored, Butter, Cheese, Morning, Picnic, Teapot, Together, Wine, Marshmallow, Rose

More resources:
– Graphic design on Google Slides:
– Beginner-friendly Notion setup:
– VTuber quick start guide:
– Discord timestamps:
– seol’s overlay shop:
– TOFIE’s stream audio packs:
– Countdown timer on OBS:
– Non-square webcam crop:

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  1. I often get questions from chat about how I have everything set up, so here's a quick walkthrough! Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll answer them in the videos to come. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

    And thank you again to ASUS for sending me the fanciest laptop I've ever owned and sponsoring this video! You can get your own ASUS ROG Flow X13 here:

  2. Tbh i followed cuz u r super cute but but but ur ch is so helpful thank you very much for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wish u all the best

  3. I've had this on my "to-watch" playlist since you uploaded it as I've been slowly preparing to dive into the world of streaming, and the shoutout was such a lovely and unexpected surprise 😭 I'm so happy to see you using my alerts! Thank you for this Ying, this was both informative and so encouraging!! 🤍

  4. This was very helpful! I am starting to stream roblox on my new laptop, and I’m not a pro, but this video helped me improve at streaming! And girl I love your personality I wish you had more subs 💕

  5. Imo, if you want to start streaming, find a way to get people to watch your stream from the jump cut…. you can do all these things and no one will watch your streams… thats where tiktok, youtube and even facebook comes in the picture…. if you're someone thats fun to watch on tiktok, try and get those viewers to watch your twitch or Yt.

  6. I tried streaming with OBS and was googling during the trial hour streaming period. Since I was using a Mac, I got problems sharing the audio. I should have watched this video before I tried streaming for my friends in Discord.

  7. Thanks for this! I've been streaming for a while now and I felt bad that my layouts and sound notifications never worked! You get right to the point and organize the information so well, thank you!

  8. Been streaming casually for a few years now and I must say I wish this video existed two years ago lol you did such a great great explaining things and showing actual examples 😊 hope you make more content like this in the future haha

  9. Really enjoyed this video. I've been streaming for a while, but you voice and pace is soo well delivered. Thanks for sharing. Inspired to continue creating content and some day I'll grow the channel as successful as yours.

  10. Everyone needs to see this guide, and I wish more people cared as much as you about audio. There's a streamer I used to watch regularly who had very scuffed audio which got distorted all the time and was very unpleasant due to the signal clipping above 0 dB all the time. As he got more famous he bought a $500 mic a few months ago and I thought this would finally be the end of the nightmares, but turns out the audio is just as distorted as before because he doesn't know anything about compressors or limiters, and tends to speak quite loudly. I've talked to him twice about this and he doesn't think it's important and just dismisses my feedback. I've now given up and refuse to torture my ears any more. It's such a shame.

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