How to Use OBS Studio – Complete Tutorial for Beginners!

Learn how to use OBS Studio step-by-step in this complete OBS Tutorial for beginners! Open Broadcaster Software is powerful, free live streaming software for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and all the major livestream platforms.

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OBS Studio:

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YouTube Bitrate Settings for Live Streaming:

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00:00 How to Use OBS Studio
01:07 Getting started on OBS Studio
04:06 OBS Settings
06:39 Best bitrates for live streaming on OBS
08:04 Recording settings on OBS
08:34 Audio settings on OBS
09:49 Video resolution settings on OBS
11:07 Hotkeys on OBS
11:30 How to automatically reconnect on OBS
11:55 How to set up scenes on OBS
15:18 How to add a secondary camera on OBS
16:20 How to add a screen share on OBS
17:42 How do picture in picture on OBS
18:52 How to add a video on OBS
20:24 How add effects on OBS
22:11 How to crop on OBS
23:17 How to add text on OBS
24:19 How to add logos on OBS
25:00 How to go live on OBS
26:49 How to use OBS Studio Mode
28:00 How to create custom animations

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— OBS Studio Tutorial for Beginners: How to Make Your Streams Look Pro! —

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) is a powerful, free live streaming app (and screen recorder) compatible with all the major live stream platforms.

It also works on Mac, PC and Linux and while it packs in a TON of great features, it can be a little intimidating for new users just starting out… But that’s where we come in!

In this video we’ll run through a complete OBS tutorial for beginners, covering everything you need to get up and running fast, step-by-step.

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  1. Video put together quite nicely but started poorly quite annoyingly it is literally 20% into the video at the point that it starts because the commercials do not cause the video to wait for them to get through before the video starts so it's going in the background just chattering away and as I try to get it back to the beginning it skips to a different video and then I watch the commercials again but this video starting is very annoying it's pushed in a profitable yet not comfortable for the user kind of way. Once it gets going the information is great, it's followable usable understandable.

  2. Thank you so much! I made it!….nearly… 😉 I'm using Canon Powershot as video source and lav mic is connected to camera. It still doesn't appear to dropdown when choosing microphone in settings (also camera doesn't show as you have it there as a audio source…) Any tips?

  3. YES, I AGREE FULLY. Hi Justin, I have been hesitating to use OBS because of its apparent complexity, however your wonderful clear and concise video has changed my misconception. Now I can feel more confident in setting up my facebook livestream course on an Introduction To Playing The Blues. A big thank you.

  4. Really good video, thankyou. Solid instructional design coupled with excellent technical and presentation skills. I don't want to become a you tube streamer, but I would like to use this software to better communicate with others in my network. I have subscribed and I will watch this video over and over to develop some proficiency with OBS Thankyou Justin

  5. Great Vid Justin, thanks. Quick question. Some of this I knew, but I have been unable to figure out how to capture a video while also recording myself on cam. For instance, doing a reaction vid, I want myself on cam full screen, and a YouTube video showing, but sized smaller. Haven't been able to figure how to get the video full screen within the box I've sized, and also seems as though I can't control the video either…hit play, pause etc. I was using browser as a source though, so maybe that was the issue? Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

  6. Thank You very much for this great concise tutorial. I have a small question to ask. I follow along with you tutorial, and I encountered a small issue. Where when I have the Scene which had the screen share + the video, when I applied the crop filter to the camera on that scene, that effect gets added to the main camera scene as well. But in your video it didn't happen. Just want to know what I missed. Thank in advance. (My Webcam is a Logitech C922)

  7. Thanks for the great introduction! Seems like very powerful software.
    A question came up while I was watching, and apologies if you address this elsewhere: for things like the red circle that appears when you click the mouse or zooming in to focus on smaller parts of the screen, are those things that you do in OBS as well, or are they added later in something like Final Cut? In fact, how much is set up with OBS in advance versus being done in production software for a video like this?

  8. This was great video tutorial

    My only issue is i don’t know how to remove the multiple screens that pop up on the obs software is there any option for me to press ?

  9. Hi , thank you for your video. May i ask if there is anyway that we can check the timecode count down when we play a video in studio mode? The timecode count down shows in a " non studio mode"

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