Job Search Strategies and Techniques – How To MASTER Your Job Search

Job Search Strategies and Techniques – How To MASTER Your Job Search



Have you submitted your resume and cover letter countless times and you still don’t have the job offer you’ve been waiting for? Are you looking for strategies that will accelerate your job search and help you land your dream job.

If so, tune in, because in this video, you’ll learn 5 job search strategies that will help you tap into your professional network and fast track your job search. Watch this video to learn how to master your job search.

The 5 job search strategies you’ll learn include:

1 – Use LinkedIn to network with others in your industry.
2 – Get your career documents ready.
3 – Develop your 30-second elevator pitch.
4 – Conduct Informational interviews.
5 – Follow-up.





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LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

Elevator Pitch Example – How To Create A Personal Elevator Pitch

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  1. Are you on the hunt for a new job? If so, tune in because in this video you'll 5 job search strategies that will help you conquer the overwhelm and frustration of your job search. Comment down below with what you biggest problem is when it comes to job searching.

  2. Nice tips except for 5:45.
    If I was on the other end of this – having some professional connection regularly poking me at about birthdays or my family every few weeks – it would make me very uncomfortable and irritated. I would eventually stop responding and red flag them as someone to avoid communicating/referring others to lest they start pestering me or my connections again.

  3. Hi Heather. My biggest challenge with a Job search has been applying with the desire to work for a company that is reputable. Additionally, I want to associate with a known brand because it is associated with my self image and self branding endeavors. However, I never seem to know where to start because of concerns over qualifications or whether I will be able to handle some of the key roles and responsibilities because I have never encountered it before. Such is the nature of my challenges. If you could make a video on how to address these kinds of concerns, I am sure it would be of great help to me and anyone else who can resonate with such an experience.

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  5. The best job hunting tip is to be fully knowledgeable about the field you want to work in. It might sound absurd especially if you don't have experience but that's reality, unfortunately. However, if you're an engineer and aspire to work in a solar power plant then check us out 🙂 @

  6. I found the best way is to walk door to door wearing my best suit, bowtie and penguin shoes handing out my resume. If i dont get a call back i'll call them back about 15 times a day or just keep sneaking back into the office building to ask the boss for the job over and over again.

  7. My biggest stumbling block when it comes to job hunting is that I hate being a manipulative, disingenuous sycophant. But you don't find work predicated on your ability and desire to screw the hiring manager's daughter so, when in Rome . .

  8. Thank you for the video. If 80% of the jobs positions are given by referrals…what is the function of the hiring areas in the Human Resources departments? Wouldn't be easy to have "Public relations"?

  9. my issue is that im 28 and honestly dont know how to use my degree, ( associate sin science transfer trk 2 in electrical and engineering) but when i look for engineering technician possitions i feel grossly under qualified for them, i have a lot of experience in technical jobs as well as lab settings and tooling. But many of these jobs are CNC oriented as well as blueprint reading which ive done none of.

  10. A great strategy that I had when going through my job search was using Sizigi. Sizigi allowed me to really show who I am by being able to display and show what I can truly do via their content creation tabs. I also ran into the fatigue of keeping track of where I was in the process of some of my applications but Sizigi allowed me to keep track of what stage I was in for each application. Granted this comment section has great tips, I though I would share what worked for me!

  11. Thank you for this! another technique to master your job search would be to use the website Sizigi. Its a microsite that allows you to showcase your skills with the hiring. Also the website has features like an application tracker to organize your job search!

  12. I've been using this tool called Sizigi that has been very useful to job hunting! It's a digital portfolio platform that allows you to stand out to hiring managaers because you can demonstrate your actual skills beyong the traditional bullet point resume. You can even track your applications which makes following up wayyyy less hectic! Totally recommend it!

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