LEARN EVERYTHING OBS IN 30 MINUTES – Ultimate Beginners Guide – OBS Studio Tutorial 2022

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This is the Ultimate Beginners Guide for OBS Studio. Learn everything about OBS Studio in just 30 minutes! This tutorial covers basic layout, building scenes, stream settings, recording settings, browser sources, adding cameras, game capture, custom transitions, audio mixing, studio mode, and much more! While this may be an older version of OBS it is still very relevant in 2022.

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Basic OBS Info
2:08 OBS Layout
4:25 OBS Settings
4:37 General Settings
5:13 Video Settings
7:25 Audio Settings
9:33 Stream Settings
10:23 Output Settings
17:08 Hotkey Settings
18:08 Advanced Settings
20:29 Scenes
21:59 Sources
24:35 Building Scenes
31:44 Scene Transitions
33:38 Audio Mixer
34:30 Studio Mode
35:54 Outro

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  1. Hello. I was wondering how one can have text scroll up to a picture, then go above the picture and continue scrolling, without scrolling over the picture… so it would be like 2 scrolls, one spaced at the bottom, and one spaced above the picture that has the scrolling text from the bottom handed off to it?

  2. great video to touch on the audio I stream on a PS5 when I rewatch the stream I cant hear any audio do I need the elgato headset wire or can I just plug my headset in to my PC??

  3. You need improvement on your audio quality. I'm not saying this to find fault. It's for constructive purposes. Your room needs sound improvements. And sometimes you have the mic too close to your mouth.

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