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Xewani, I’m excited to share this new information with you It’s not always simple finding side hustles that actually work, but here’s …


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  1. Hi Pertunia, great to have you back, with regard to study pool, loaded 220 docs on to study pool, all was accepted. How ever I did some research on study pool most of which was negitive the uploading was easy. I will just wait to see if some cash comes in. We spoke before its the guy with the power chair.

  2. Hi there sister Pertunia, love your work and how insightful your are 💐. If i don't have a business or company registered, can i use a personal PayPal account to recieve payment from different online micro jobs?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? I would appreciate.

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