Make Any Mic Sound Expensive In OBS | Mic Settings & Filters (2022)

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Setting up OBS Studio mic settings and mic filters is something that might look complicated at first, but which is very straightforward when breaking it down. In this video, we’ll add an expander, a limiter, an obs vst plugin to change mic EQ in obs (which is a mic equalizer) and we’ll also remove background noise in OBS. All of these obs mic filters are the same in Streamlabs OBS, so you could follow this video for that program too.



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00:00 Awesome Cheap Mic We’ll Use Today
00:55 Hearing Your Own Mic
01:14 Mic Placement (REALLY Important!)
01:40 Budget Mic Arm
02:28 Sponsor Segment (Own3d Pro)
03:48 Speak Into The Right Side Of Your Mic
04:19 Check Your Mic’s Polar Pattern
06:10 Fixing Your Mic’s Gain
06:47 Auto Leveling Your Volume (part 1: compressor)
10:45 Auto Leveling Your Volume (part 2: expander)
13:19 Make Your Voice Sound Warm & Full (VST Plugin)
16:34 Removing Background Noise (noise suppression)
17:33 Adding a Limiter (important)
18:42 Best Budget Mics


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  1. Hi guys quick tip I had to go into C/drive – program files – common file – then make a new folder named VST2 and then save the Marvel GEQ into it and it now shows up in OBS hope this was helpful

  2. This video is perfect! I actually bought the K669B and was about to return it, after watching this video, i fine tuned the mic, and now sounds perfect. THANKS!

  3. Great video!! This is the only one I've found that actually explain WHY using filters and how to manage to find your own mic sweet spot. I only have one question: do the order of the filters matter and is it right to put the compressor as the first filter? Usually I've seen filters in the opposite order, with suppression filters first and then compressor etc

  4. Great Video! Helped me a lot! I'd recommend you to put a limiter on your mic in obs too. Just add the limiter, and adjust the threshhold while you speak as loud as you can into your mic. Then pull down the threshhold, til you are right before the red area. That will stop your sound from going into the read area and it doesnt cause distortion anymore (for example if you rage while you play). (Technically the limiter cuts off all frequencies that go over the threshhold level you set.)

    Edit: Ouh I didnt notice you got the limiter set, cause I misread something in the timestamps. My Bad. <3

  5. Hi, at 6:36 you set your mics level to something very close to 100. If I do that I get soooooo much noise in obs (The line is between -45 and -40 constantly). Do you have any idea what might be the reason for that ? is it the mic or the sound card or is it normal it drives me crazy because I can't find any info about it.

  6. So, when I play sometimes my voice gets kinda high and squeaky (usually if I'm scared) and the microphone cuts out and doesn't get it. Would the VST plug in fix that?

  7. This video literally saved my life. As a transguy, I had a really hard time listening to my own voice on recordings, because they all sounded too feminine for me and made me want to not even start YouTube. Making my mic sound bassier just made me feel better and also improved the quality (because I just happened to own this mic too) so it's a win win. Thank you so much for this

  8. the plug in is not on obs for me after i downloaded it what should i do

    edit: i forgot to install it also i found out that if you select noise suppression in the filters menu it complete cancels background noise so i'll add both of them

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