Mariupol Road Of Death "Ilicha" (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+)

War is horrible and has caused the death of thousands of civilians. I report on the scene of a street outside the Ilicha steel plant where 100s of bodies lay and I talk to the locals about what happened there.
FActs matter and I am digging deeper than anyone. LET god be with these poor peoples families

#RussiaUkrainewar #Russia #Ukraine
Report by Patrick Lancaster
US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist.
Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist. All so covered the Armenian Azerbaijan war reaching over 8 million on his youtube channel with his reports there
I show what the western media will not show you.

Patrick Is only funded by his viewers so please donate to help him continue his work

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Patrick Is only funded by his viewers so please donate to help him continue his work



#Mariupol #Road #Death #quotIlichaquot #EXTREMELY #GRAPHIC

#Mariupol #Road #Death #quotIlichaquot #EXTREMELY #GRAPHIC


  1. путин совсем нюх потерял, превосходному русскому народу рот закрыть пытается. навизал стране воину а для совместного использования богатства стыда не хватает. обеспечивает свою росгвардию а бедные парни на украине должны грабить и погибать. успешно проживали и без крыма а теперь и его и донбасс снабжать должны. ожидаем санкций на все крупные экспорты из россии a патриарх кирилл с путиным на дачах развраты ведут, пока от виагры не сдохнут.

  2. I don’t understand how people can be walking around going about their business….with children….and not pickup the dead……the people who bomb are horrible, but the people who ignore the dead have no values either!

  3. Well, those Azov dogs who did wrong against civilians in Mariupol – such as that disgusting pig Nikitenko who fired at the civilians from the BTR – are awaiting death sentence.

    Justice cannot bring the dead back, but it can ease the pain — and teach other fkers not to do wrong again.

  4. Thank you for your humanity brother. My heart is full of pain.
    War should be against all laws, everywhere for all time.
    Love will win, it has before and it will Again.
    Use your arm's for love only x

  5. I feel for you Patrick the smell and those faces or what’s left of them will haunt you forever as they do anyone who has witnessed the horror that is war maybe some of the London bubble idiots could watch your reports before supporting the next big thing ffs

  6. Presume that this is Russians who commited these atrocities. And the old man is introduced to give us the propaganda. We will be told next it was Ukraine soldiers who shot the civilians.if the old man told the truth It would be astonishing.

  7. Prawda jest taka że to Rosja zaatakowała Ukrainie. To jest Mariopol a Mariopol jest na Ukrainie. Co tam robia Rosyjskie wojska? To ze Mariopol tak wygląda to robota Rosjan. Kto bombarduje miasta? Rosjanie. Rosjanie zabijaja kobiety, dzieci, gwalca, kradna. Palą bombarduja, mordują. Wiele tak miast Rosja niszczy na Ukrainie. Cały świat to widzi jakimi mordercami i zwyrodnialcami są Rosyjscy żołnierze. Nikt juz w Rosyjskie bajki nie wierzy.

  8. Hey, Patrick! The reason you're seeing the dead bodies and the destruction is because your beloved Russian forces started the war and attacked the city, not because the Ukrainians, being the "nazis" they are, created the destruction and killed those people, laid them out in display for you and your Russian "liberators" to come and film. Come on man, I thought you're more serious than that.

  9. "Words can't describe what 's going on here. We're just showing you the facts of what we see." Well, you should try a little harder to describe what is going on. Were those civilians killed by Ukrainian troops or Russian troops. You assume too much about what the viewer understands.

  10. The one problem with this video is Patrick Lancaster never explains who those dead bodies are. How did this happen? Are they citizens of Mariupol killed by Ukrainian troops? Or what? It is irresponsible to show dead bodies like that and not explain their story. PL could also be accused of vulgar sensationalism.

  11. Just to be clear, those civilians are dead as a direct result of the Russian invasion. Those people have nothing to do with NATO. No nationalist ideals or claiming of territory should result in the loss of non military innocent lives

  12. 18 ans et plus n’importe quoi mise à part une bagnole à la con il n y a strictement rien à voir dans cette vidéo mais rien du tout

    typiquement des journalistes type Patrick Lancaster Christelle néant Anne Laure Bonnel Michel Collon des complotistes pro russes quoi qui n’apportent rien du tout 🔥🧨💣

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