My Top 5 OBS Plugins Of 2022!

My Top 5 OBS Plugins Of 2022!

Today I show you my top 5 plugins of 2022. These will make your streams look PRO and let you have more fun when you do it!

Take your transitions, visuals, and ease of your streams to the next level.

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Move Transition Plugin:

Learn how to use the Move Transition:

Source Record Plugin:

Learn how to use Source record:

Advanced Scene Switcher:

Learn how to use Advanced Scene Switcher:

Stream FX:

Learn How to use Stream FX:

Win audio Plugin:

Learn How to use Win Audio:


Learn Twidget:

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  1. my replay buffer to save 1 minute short video hot keys dont work with Gameloop when im playing game i have to click outiside gameloop game screen than hot key to save clip works

  2. Thanks for your content. What minimum machine/hardware do you recommend to run these plugins and whatever else it takes with lets say 5 max webcams from various people/locations?

  3. Thanks for your videos Michael, usefull as usual 🙂
    Have you any idea how to get and pin on screen the live chat from Vimeo, most the pluggin I found are focussed only on FB, youtube or twitch.
    thanks for your work

  4. Stream FX is great, and the source record is very interesting, but with limited hardware i'd proooobably trade move transition and soundboard plugin for using UPDeck, because with some tweaking, it is already doing both for me, it seems.

  5. I added the Advanced Scene switcher and now whenever I click off of OBS (I want to use Powerpoint in a different scene) it forces everything back to my main screen. Is there a way to fix that? It has really screwed up my OBS presentation setup. I can't seem to figure out how to uninstall the plugin too. I have made Advanced Scene Switcher inactive and it still does it.

  6. Hello
    I want to know how to separate voice sound of discord and pc game sound and my voice from headset while streaming live game play. It would be nice if you introduce how to😄

  7. I stream on Twitch looking like how my profile picture looks with a mask on. It's really hard to have headphones on, what would you recommend as far as being able to hear and have a mic that isn't just always on.

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