OBS Streaming Tutorial For Youtube

OBS Streaming Tutorial For Youtube

Today Ill show you how to setup OBS Studio, create your first stream, and some good strategies to get off to a great start.

Knowing how to set things up is just the beginning. We create a full simple stream and talk about how to actually get viewers to come watch!

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  1. Very detailed and informative info! So many people buy with their eyes instead of what feels good to them to play. I have big hands but slender fingers and can play smaller nut guitars but i prefer a 45ml nut width for fingerstyle.

  2. Hello Michael I'm thinking start up my own streaming channel just watching obs steaming tutorial for YouTube I'm wondering is there a way to add pre recorded audio before you steam then you can have your background music playing after ps fabulous video you helping newbie steamer starting out …dave

  3. Greetings. Nice video and thanks for the tutorial. I do have two suggestions for you. When you are explaining the steps to follow, could you please, slow down a little so we can follow the steps without stopping so often and second, could you do a zoom in on some of the panels you work on since some of us are watching your content on small screens and our vision is not as good as some people. Thanks and please, continue bringing nice content. 👍

  4. Thanks man, I've watched a ton of your videos and they're super helpful!
    But I really wish you'd cover setups for higher resolution streams and more unique configurations. All your tuts tend to be focused on 1080p settings with 1-2 audio tracks.
    I use a Cinema DCP 4K display usually at Full Container (1.90) 4096×2160 resolution, but I'd like to put out a 2k/60fps stream with my game running at a super widescreen resolution of 3840×1600. I don't have the upload speed to stream higher than 2K so I'm not sure what to set base, output and stream/recording resolutions to…

  5. I like your content, maybe in an upcoming video you can give advice on how to start a new YouTube channel and monetize it from the very start. Is it a gradual growth thing?

  6. Do you have any videos on having guests on your stream. I having to use streamyard for a stream and not having the control of it in obs. Is there a middle ground…I want ability to invite people in my chat on as a spontaneous guest

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