The Best OBS Settings For Livestreaming in 2022! No BLUR, LAG And More

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00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Execute OBS as Admin
01:28 – General Settings
02:10 – Audio Settings
03:05 – Optimizing Video Settings
04:37 – Optimizing Encoder Settings
07:32 – x264 vs NVENC
08:45 – Best NVENC Settings
10:29 – Optimize Your Overlays


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  1. Best video for obs settings that I have seen for the main reason that it is very Informative. Also very entertaining in my opinion, keep it up the content man👍

  2. What about Streaming & Recording at the same time? You're talking about NVENC and how better it is and uses performance, but with all the videos I've watched, no one seems to mention how much GPU overhead you need for it to work smoothly. Yes NVENC uses its own chip but you still need room for it to work, so having a GPU that is 99% utilization all the time, will give you a really bad stream 100% of the time.

  3. nice vid. but :
    Please place the monitor from which you are reading closer to the lens, it looks strange if you are not looking at the camera, but as if you are looking slightly to the side as you are afraid of something, could be better option if further away so that it is obvious that you are not looking at the camera and only occasionally glance at it.

  4. when I start streaming, from a device and then try to watch the stream on my WordPress website, the video starts from the beginning of the live stream instead of the live feed. how can I fix this? I’ve tried obs studios, stream labs, larix broadcaster, epoccam, and two different devices but it keeps happening. Ive changed settings for the lowest possible latency but it doesn’t make a difference. I have a 89Mbps upload speed and my computer is brand new. Please help

  5. Have any non partners here actually tried streaming at 8000 bitrate to see if it allows you? I remember trying 7000 about a year or 2 ago and OBS kept throttling / fluctuating my bitrate all over the place 🙁

  6. I did not get the webcam part . i have a problem with my stream , my facecam gets really blurry when there's movement . i stream at 10k bitrate 1080p 60fps . can you help me ?

  7. Hi i know you did this a few months ago but i been having problems with streaming i use 5000 bitrate and 720p 60fps on youtube and it looks blurry from my end any way to fix this to make the stream look more clear a example could be my most recent stream

  8. This is a great video, but when I try to stream FFXIV, everything still looks a little pixelated (I go in 1080p). Any ideas on how to combat this?

  9. Thank you for this video. I was only finding videos saying set this set that but never explains WHY!!! You earned a subscriber – Thanks for that! Keep up doing videos similar to this one explaining why you set a specific setting and what can be affected or cannot.

  10. Some constructive criticism for u because I did like the video but I almost left immediately when the video started. You're too dark. You're lighting is bad and it made me assume you didn't know what you were doing when it comes to video.

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