The TRUTH About Making Money Online | Is It Easy?

In this video, I reveal a lie that’s spread throughout the make-money-online space. This one lie told by “gurus” has destroyed countless people’s chances of success before they even get started. This is the TRUTH about making money online. What would you like to see next?
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  1. People need to realize that these so called Gurus are spending hundreds of dollars on advertising praying on people with true desires to make money online.. Think about it for a second.. If you were actually able to get rich fast would you waste your money on advertising or would you put it into your business. Ask yourself one honest question. If you were wealthy and living the dream would you have the time to make videos and pay for adverts. ? Spending countless amounts of money and time trying to convince people of anything ? If it sounds to good to be true most likely its not true. The only ones making money are the so called Gurus when you fall for their BS

  2. Yes making money online is bologna. We need to create a better way. We are in a new era and we need something new. These videos make money by your views and comments. We need a easier way. Why hasn't anyone come up with anything better yet with the pandemic?

  3. its sad that People will fall for the Cash App Scam but they dont want to buy and invest into a program that can give you knowledge.
    Give me 50$ and you will receive $500 On everything they will buy into that. But if I tell someone invest into the stock market they like its a scam XD. the Difference I still have my money and you dont .

  4. I needed this truth tonight. I was feeling very discouraged having tried so many things. People are searching for the truth in everything nowadays because it seems lies are everywhere in every aspect of our lives. We need something real to hang on to, kinda a life raft was thrown to us. Thank you for sharing. Please continue to show and tell us the facts of the truth.

  5. It's difficult to know what is legitimate when there is a substantial amount of lie promoting individuals who only care about their own personal gain witch isn't anything worthwhile for them deceiving to begin with. ..that's my opinion. …anyhow not a bad video brotherman

  6. had to learn that the hard way 5moths -1000$ I don't blame them for my failure I blame myself for the lack of intelligence they made money
    I didn't they were smart I was not I will take this life lesson to heart

  7. at least you sound like you're being honest and not trying to sell us something or go to some site that probably sponsored you or has some weird loophole that makes it look like making money there is easier than it really is

  8. Brandon do you prefer having a general store or having a one product store? In your course do you show EVERY step in setting up a store, to product research, make video ads, scaling, setting up zen desk, hiring virtual assistants,…etc?

  9. Perfect timing for me to hear this. I started to question myself if I can make this work. Running an ad right now getting comments, likes, and shares for the past 48 hours but no sales and while watching your video, two rings. Needed to hear this during a time of uncertainty in my life, perfect timing. Thanks so much!

  10. Few days ago I was thinking I am wasting my time and I am just gambling with facebook ads. then I look back how far I came from and look at my goals, my results then analyzed my data took smarter actions and this video is helping alot! I would like to say thank you Braden for the great value! Superheroes don't always wear capes

  11. People don't like this video and these behind the scenes video of the succes .But me I save this video as a motivational boost and change of my mindset for all the times when I will be getting that mood and bad mindset to hit me and woke me up .

  12. Great video Braden!

    How long did it take you from the time you started your first successful online business to the time you were able to quit your job?

    PS: I love the shirt 🙂

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