Top 3 OBS PLUGINS To Make Your Stream Look AMAZING

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Motion Plugins and Automation and Filters.. OH MY! ..sorry bout that. Enjoy my three favorite suites of plugins by Aitum, Exeldro, and StreamFX.

Aitum ►
Exeldro ►
StreamFX ►®-studio.578/




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Rock ►►
Lo-Fi ►►
Synthwave ►►
EDM ►►
Hip Hop ►►
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Starter Streaming Kit ►►
Pro Streaming Kit ►►
MY Streaming Kit ►►


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  1. I'd love to hear more about plugins. A recommendation not for a plugin but software that I find incredibly useful it helps make it easier to organise and install/uninstall plugins 'starscape creator studio'

  2. Def gonna get a copy of Exceldro, Im all about the free life haha. That being said, Aitum is not really expensive at $5/mo, and it looks like its one of the most crazy creative tool sets Ive seen. Probably worth it in the end,… maybe Ill have to fine out haha. Thanks for the cool info, and yes I think this would make a cool series for you to post.

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