Ultimate OBS Audio Settings

Ultimate OBS Audio Settings

Today I walk through how to set up your OBS audio properly and give you a few options to get the most out of your OBS audio. Its really easy to set it up properly and its totally free!

Win Audio Capture: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/win-capture-audio.1338/

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  1. Amazing.

    I have a Q:
    Recently I join some Video-Chat pages like Omegle, Ome TV etc. and I want the one whom I am connected with to hear me, and then I decide to let him/her hear a sound effect or music, is it possible in any way to make that job done on OBS? Or this requires a whole different program?

    I will be very thankful for any comment.

  2. Only thing with Win Capture that I cant get to work is with Xbox party chat audio. I've tried adding the Xbox app and Xbox game bar and still no audio comes through. Discord works perfectly, but if im playing with Xbox friends, I cant get it to capture the audio. Currently the only way i've been able to have an Xbox party in my stream is using the Desktop audio default. Anyone have any idea how to get an Xbox party chat to work with Win Capture in OBS?

  3. This video is impossible for me to follow. The complexity of what you are doing is hard to duplicate unless you have an exact scenario as you have. I do not. I have to be the dumbest person in the world because my setup has no guests (that part of the tutorial is irrelevant), I just want to capture my headset microphone, some background music occasionally and the game sounds and that's it. The lack of just this simple setup and how the microphone is configured when it is a part of the headset is so difficult to understand in how you explained it that I feel I am now more confused watching this video then if I never watched this video. I do not stream my webcam I just stream my headset mic, sometimes background music and the game. Three things that produce sound and that is it. The problem I have is the microphone is constantly picking up the game audio and the desktop audio and I can't for the love of God figure out how to separate the headset mic to JUST RECORD MY VOICE! Why is this so dang hard to figure out! I feel so damn stupid I can't get this. sad panda
    I can add JUST the headset mic (Audio Input Capture) and all the settings in OBS under Audio are disabled and the mic audio is halfway in the green with NO background processes creating audio/noise and no speaking being done in a completely silent room. It's like its picking up the harmonic resonance of the universe for all I know and I have no darn idea what this is!!! I may have to call Ancient Alients or something as to why my mic is picking up something in a dead silent room with no computer noise or background app or program running with a completely silent computer running in an shielded noise-blocking case and still the audio meter is dancing around in the mid greens of the bar. Is the mic picking up my brain waves? Who the hell knows! I must have the most sensitive microphone on the planet. /facepalm
    If you could just create a video explaining how to setup JUST the audio from a mic and JUST the game sound correctly it would be tremendously helpful. I need it simple because the convoluted nature of desktop audio is so unintuitive in Windows its just frustrating and I blame my dumb brain and BILL GATES for this! ACK!!!

  4. I hope this isn't a dumb question, under the audio tab you have all on disabled. I have a behringer um -2 audio capture, I have this in my aux/mic number 1 slot, I don't listen through headphones because we are live in church. It seems to work okay. Thank you for the videos.

  5. There's stuff that appears after setting up new profile that needs to be clicked. There is a whole dialog Box that opens up, which is not featured in your Illustrations how do we go about it

  6. Hi Michael, thanks for this video. Was hoping you’d cover this question.
    How does one remove an audio source from audio mixer section?

    For some unknown reason, my game audio is coming thru on my “starting stream” scene but it’s not in the list of sources for the scene. But it appears in the mixer and comes thru to viewers.

    I couldn’t find a way to remove it and thought I’d work Around it by muting in advance but that seems to affect ALL instances of that audio source.

  7. Audio routing is always complex and OBS tries but it is still awkward to do.

    And it all gets way more complex if you have anything that wants or needs to talk ASIO (e.g. DAWs), because OBS can't capture that. I had to use a plugin that can do ASIO input, and then use a third-party audio routing app to make everything move where I wanted it to.

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